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Make Gains while you sleep

When you workout your muscles will build up a large number of microscopic tears on the cellular level. The harder or more intense that you are training the greater the number of tears will be. Your body is hard-wired to repair the tears in order to strengthen and grow the muscle tissue bigger (GAINS! We all want Gains!). The factors regarding how well your muscles are repaired after training are sleep and nutrition/supplementation.

When you’re sleeping your body enters a higher anabolic state. This means that your body uses sleep time to repair and rejuvenate all of the tissue in your body, including muscle tissue. Whilst you sleep your body will construct larger molecules which are used to repair various parts of the body including your muscular, immune and nervous systems.

As you sleep your body will conduct protein metabolism at a much faster rate than when you are awake. Therefore, you need to get enough sleep every night to ensure that your muscles are repaired and recover properly. This is especially true with Super High Intensity Training. Getting a good night’s rest is important every night, although it is even more important on the days you train. You should be aiming for anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night.

You must also ensure that you body has been correctly fueled during the day with a protein rich diet and that you are taking key supplements that will both enhance your natural anabolic state like The Difference and super boost your natural GH levels while you sleep like Aminotaur.

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