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247Bodybuilder - the Strongest  Super Natural Anabolic Formula

180 x Maximum Impact Pharma Quality Capsules per pack 
**BUY ONE GET ONE FREE** 2 x 180 = 360

247BodyBuilder - STRONGEST LEGAL FORMULATION. Are you serious about building raw muscle size without resorting to chemicals? Most people want real muscle size gains that last. For this you need to train hard, eat quality foods and the best bodybuilders, for the past 50 years have known and understand the power of superior quality supplements in order to maximise gains. Based on an enhanced naturally anabolic formulation 247Bodybuilder is the No.1 choice for many of the biggest and strongest bodybuilders, athletes and hardcore gym users. Now with a massive 180 capsules per pack – it is simply now all about your gains!!

Super Charged Anabolism
Maximum Impact Formulation
24-7 Natural Anabolic Enhancer
Highest Quality
Maximum Benefits

This SUPER POTENT LEGAL Maximum Impact ANABOLIC physique enhancer is a Pro Quality Max Strength formulation.If you want to be the BIGGEST & STRONGEST, if you are training hard with high intensity and not getting the results that you want then you need to boost your anabolic levels. To do this you do not need to resort to dangerous chemicals. Quick solutions to growth do exist, however they all involve training hard. Whether you go to the gym or train at home, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you use free weights or machines. What does count though is that you train with a high degree of intensity during workouts to stimulate muscle growth. 

247BodyBuilder has been specifically formulated for people who want to have large freaky extra strong muscles without having to resort to dangerous chemicals. 247BodyBuilder is a blend of high concentration full strength aminos. With this formulation taken in conjunction with an intensive high intensity training program you will soon see your muscle size and strength developing. People may think you are on some secret chemical potion whereas in truth you are simply taking maximum advantage of the latest sports nutritional science in order to enhance your physique to its maximum. This product is designed for maximum growth and should only be taken if you wish to gain rapid size, strength and power. Each pack contains 180 FULL STRENGTH capsules - so you have enough of this muscle enhancing formulation for some really serious muscle growth. This product is used mainly by serious bodybuilders and rugby players but is suitable for anyone who enhanced muscular development is important. This is the only UK online discount supplements store to offer such high strength muscle gain products.


Taking BCAAs while following an 8-week resistance training program resulted in greater decrease in body fat, an increase in lean mass and 10-RM strength gains on the bench press and squat versus ingestion of a whey supplement or a sports drink. (Jim Stoppani, et al., Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2009.) After exercise, recovery of muscle protein synthesis requires dietary protein or BCAA's to increase tissue levels of leucine in order to release the inhibition of the initiation factor 4 complex through the activation of the protein kinase mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). Leucine’s effect on mTOR is synergistic with insulin via the phosphoinositol 3-kinase signaling pathway. Together, insulin and leucine allow skeletal muscle to coordinate protein synthesis with physiological state and dietary intake. (Layne Norton and Donald Layman, Journal of Nutrition, 2006.) Studies indicate that meals supplemented with leucine can both acutely and over a longer period of time beneficially affect muscle protein anabolism.* In elderly adults, even small amounts of ingested leucine can help support muscle protein retention.* The anabolic effect of extra leucine on muscle protein was observed in the elderly and the response of muscle protein synthesis following ingestion of small amounts of amino acids was greatly enhanced by additional leucine supplementation.* (Christos Katsanos, et al., American Journal of Physiological and Endocrinological Metabolism, 2006.) 


This maximum strength hardcore anabolic rapid muscular development formula uses the highest pharma quality natural anabolic enhancement ingredients to create the perfect environment for huge gains. The latest generation of this top selling product is now 100% STRONGER for even greater gains. Massive 180 x SUPER STRENGTH Maximum Impact Capsules per resealable pack. 247Bodybuilder is a high potency Enhanced BCAA 8:1:1 formulation. Per 6 Capsule Serving size gives Leucine (2880mg) ,Isoleucine (360mg) and Valine (360mg) . The highest potency for the biggest results.


Exercise may increase BCAA requirement, and BCAA supplementation before exercise attenuates the breakdown of muscle proteins during exercise. Leucine strongly promotes protein synthesis in skeletal muscle, suggesting that a BCAA supplement may attenuate muscle damage induced by exercise and promote recovery from the damage. BCAA's are also helpful for muscle recovery following intense exercise, as BCAA supplementation before training decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness after squatting exercise. (Yoshiharu Shimomura, et al., Journal of Nutrition, 2006.) 


Supplementation with BCAA's was surmised to increase the lactate threshold before exhaustion in high-intensity exercise on a cycle ergometer. Subjects using BCAA's had noticeably higher plasma BCAA concentrations than the non-supplemented group, in addition to higher respiratory exchange ratio and both VO2 max and VO2 workload levels. These results suggest that BCAA supplementation may be effective to increase endurance exercise capacity. (Keitaro Matsumoto, et al., Journal of Nutritional Science Vitaminol, 2009.) Exercise is known to deplete serum BCAA levels via oxidation. BCAA supplementation before and after intense exercise has beneficial effects for decreasing exercise-induced muscle damage and promoting muscle protein synthesis. This suggests that BCAA's are a useful supplement in relation to exercise and sports. (Yoshiharu Shimomura, et al., Journal of Nutrition, 2004.)

TWIN PACK 2 x 180 = 360 Caps

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