About Us

CozItWorks prides itself on supplied specialist niche market nutraceutical supplements for people looking for results. Unlike many companies you will see scientific references pasted at the bottom of all main product pages (for combo products see the individual pages). All products are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Typically you will see products utilising higher concentrations of raw ingredients than you will find in other manufacturers products. Due to the name ofour company and our product ethos we only want to supply products that work and are not simply designed to hit a price point.

We are environmentally concious and try our best to be minimalist in terms of packaging whilst still retaining the integrity of the ingredients.

The products listed are designed to boost and to increase results. For the most part they will not work as stand alone solutions. For example our muscle building supplements will only work if you exercise hard with some form of resistance training just taking them and sitting in front of a TV screen will not produce results.

We are based in the UK, CozItWorks, 16 South Lane, Seahouses, NE68 7UN. Postal Address - CozItWorks, PO Box 120, Seahouses NE66 9DZ, and typically send our most of our items UK and international via the Royal Mail. If you have any questions then please simply email us.