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The media is full of advice on health, nutrition and fitness. Often this can be contradictory. What we try to give is clear guidance and or links to other sites/products that can help you to reach your health and fitness goals. We understand that no two people are the same, but having said that there are some things which can help/benefit many people in their quest to become a better version of themselves. Typically to ensure optimal health we recommend that people take: MULTI VITAMINS 

Or if you are not good at taking tablets/capsules TAKE THESE


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Common Queries

The Info You’re After

What is the best diet?

There is no such thing as a generalised "best diet", everyone is unique and what works best for one person may not best best for another. Mostly it depends upon your goals - do you want to lose weight, add lean muscle, feel "healthier", Depending on your answers will determine which is the best option for you, however if you want a diet which is healthy, that can both help you to lose excess body fat and gain lean muscle we would recommend that you check out The Primal Blueprint

How much water should I drink when taking supplements?

How much water? Take your body weight in pounds (say) 150, divide that number by 2 to give you an amount of fluid ounces = 75. You should therefore drink 75 fl oz per day which, if you check on line, is 2.13 litres. By water we mean water and not fizzy drinks both normal and “diet” versions – just plain water!

What is the most effective form of exercise?

When it comes to exercise there is no such thing as one size fits all. We are though big fans of high intensity exercise. If you are looking to burn fat and get fit at the same time then check out Tabata or some other form of High Intensity Interval Training or if you want to build lean muscle size and strength then we would recommend some form of Super High Intensity Training

Where can I find regular updates on the latest issues in health & fitness?

The internet is awash with "information", not all factual, with articles and claims concerning various fitness products, diets, supplements etc. Many of these are based on science, however sometimes it takes a while for the science to catch up. To discover the latest news on health and fitness products that work ,, as opposed to those that are just hype, check out our FACEBOOK page

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