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Are you struggling to gain weight?

Are you struggling to gain weight? We receive as many enquiries from people struggling to gain weight as we do from people looking to lose weight. Gaining weight is,unfortunately, a neglected area. Whereas some people have a genetic make up that makes them prone to gaining fat fast, some people struggle with being underweight and seem incapable of adding weight to their frame. Ideally you want to be adding healthy weight (lean muscle). This involves a combination of an ultra high calorie diet and ultra high intensity training protocol.

Have you tried various diets and eating programs and are you still struggling? If this is you then we have a solution: Training - ensure that you are not doing long drawn out endurance training, that instead you are doing high intensity exercise, or better still Super High Intensity Training where you workout using maximum intensity for short durations. Check out S.H.I.T for more information.

Diet you need to ensure that you get enough of the “right” food sources to ensure that you pack on pounds. Take your bodyweight in pounds, multiply the number by 20 and then add on 500. This is the base amount of calories that you should eat each day. So, if you weigh 165 pounds x 20 = 3,300 + 500 = 3,800 calories per day. Do this for one week, then add another 500 calories in week 2, the same in week 3 and again in week 4 meaning that by the end of the month you should be consuming 5,300 calories per week (based on a 165 pound body weight).

What to eat? This is in many respects the direct opposite of weight loss so eat lots of Pasta, drink lots of whole milk (many crash weight gainers drink a Gallon Of Milk A Day GOMAD), Peanut Butter, Bananas, Natural Granola, Whole Wheat Bread, Potatoes, Red Meat – basically highly calorie dense foods. Avoid – alcohol, sugar and eating any products full of chemicals with weird names that you have no idea what they do. If you see ingredients on the label that you don’t know what they are then don’t eat it! ** Always consult a health care professional before undertaking a weight gain or exercise program.

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