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Enhancing the Quality of Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep can cause lots of health related issues. Getting enough QUALITY sleep can cause even more. These issues range from the more obvious tiredness and lacking in energy through to problems with high blood pressure, diabetes and even some heart related issues. Other potential problems include weight gain, depression and lower sex drive. Poor quality can even affect your appearance such making you look older than you actually are or issues relating to the health and vitality of your skin.

For athletes/bodybuilders getting quality sleep is essential for muscle growth and recovery. For students/business professionals a lack of sleep can interfere with your memory, mood and judgement.

There are different stages in sleep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) REM sleep is associated with intense brain activity. This is the stage where you’ll likely experience active and vivid dreams. Sleepwalking and bedwetting incidents occur only during REM. REM sleep restores your brain and is important for your learning as well as your memory.

Deep sleep is non rapid eye movement, or NREM. There are three other NREM stages as well.

The body enters deep sleep anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes after falling asleep

Unlike REM, deep sleep is known for the changes in your body rather than your brain. Your breathing slows and your heartbeat is regular during this stage. The muscles in your body become completely relaxed, and you typically sleep through any external sleep distractions such as loud noises. Deep sleep is extremely important to overall health because it’s during this phase that the body naturally heals itself. Your body replaces cells, heals wounds, and builds muscle tissue, all while you’re sound asleep. There are almost always no dreams during this period of sleep.

Numerous research studies have shown that the quality of your sleep can be dramatically improved by taking certain supplements such as Zinc & Magnesium (Check out ZM3DX

Sleep Yourself Better

) just before going to sleep and the process can be further enhanced by adding Aminotaur into your night time supplementation regime. (Check out Night Stack),

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