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Home Gym Essentials

Home gym essentials.

If you are looking to start working out at home either because of gym closures or perhaps it is the convenience or cost then do you need to compromise your results in order to do your workout at home? The simple answer is “NO”. Many people find that they make equally as good gains working out at home when compared to gym workouts. If you have specialist needs, say if you are a Power Lifter or competitive weightlifter, then there are obvious benefits from working out in a commercial gymnasium. However if your goals are to lose excess fat, gain lean muscle (or both!), then you can make equally as good progress working out at home using some often quite basic equipment.

One of the most effective home workout tools for men and women of all abilities are resistance bands. These come in a variety of strengths/resistance levels and options:

Mini Bands – highly versatile, portable and cheap – check out -

Loop Bands – you can “mimic” virtually and gym based movement with these – check out –

Also check out:

Booty Bands – ideal for targeting the glutes – check out -

With the above and a selection of places to hang/tie the bands for movements such as tricep push downs you can attach the bands to doors/handles or buy a Power Rack which then also gives you the options of doing dips/chins at home. Check out -

Some people though simply prefer the feeling of “real” weights for these people adjustable dumbbells are a great call and as well as being featured in TV programs such as Star Trek Enterprise have the great benefit of not taking up too much space – check out –

So, if you find that the gym is no longer an option or no longer the best option for you either invest in some resistance bands or adjustable dumbbells and train at a time that best suits you.

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