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Resistance Bands - a complete gym in a bag

Resistance bands give you the flexibility to take your gym with you. It would be impractical to pack up an entire gym and put it in your gym bag, but you can gain virtually all of the benefits that you can from gym machine training simply by using the resistance bands correctly. If you want to discover how to use bands to maximise their effect then book in for a SHAPE SHIFTING session now. When you can't get to the gym or if you are going on holiday, or if you want variety in your workouts then you should consider investing in a set of resistance bands. Resistance bands are simple pieces of elastic that create constant tension (so work your muscles in a different way from, say, a dumbbell) to stimulate muscle growth and increase the effectiveness of your workout. There are loads of different types of resistance bands available – but click here for THE BEST RESISTANCE BANDS Resistance bands allow you to perform strength training exercises without weights. They are light, so fit easily into a suitcase if you are travelling and you can get a full-body workout. They can either be used by themselves or incorporated into your existing exercise program. Many SHAPE SHIFTING routines include the use of resistance bands. Resistance bands typically come in 2 sizes, short and long. Both sizes have their uses. If you are just buying one set then buy the short ones, but if you are serious about your training then a set of each would give you maximum benefits and would enable you to be able to duplicate virtually any traditional gym based exercise. Bands are: 1. Incredibly Cost-Effective — Resistance bands are inexpensive. When buying get a set with a range of resistances so that you can work your whole body. 2. Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels — Whether you're a beginner or an expert, resistance bands are for you. They come in a variety of resistances, including light, medium and heavy, and you can further adjust the intensity of your resistance-band workouts by giving the band more or less slack. You can even use multiple bands at once to increase the challenge. 3. Used with Familiar Exercises — You can often use familiar strength training moves with resistance bands, which means you don't need to learn a complicated new routine. For instance, resistance bands can replace the weights you use for biceps curls or triceps pushdowns. 4. Whole-Body Exercises — Resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body. They are great for isolating muscles that are lagging or targeting areas that you want to pay particular attention to. 5. Save on Storage Space — Resistance bands take up virtually no space to store them, which means you can use them at home even if you have very little extra space. When your workout is done, simply stash them in a drawer until your next session. 6. Excellent for Travelling — Resistance bands are lightweight and easily portable. You can stash them in your suitcase when travelling and use them to get a good workout right in your hotel room. 7. Add Variety — Your muscles quickly adapt to movements you do often, which is why adding variety to your workouts is key for challenging your muscles. Resistance bands can be alternated with free weights and exercise machines for ongoing variety. 8. Easy to Use Alone — It's not a good idea to lift heavy weights without an exercise buddy, but resistance bands can be safely used on your own. They're ideal for exercising any time, at home or on the road. 9. Can Be Combined with Other Equipment — Resistance bands are so versatile that you can even use them along with weights, allowing you to get the benefits of two types of exercises at once. 10. An Effective Workout — Resistance bands are incredibly simple, but they're also extremely effective at working your muscles. Additionally, resistance-band training can help you boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion and more.

You can of course get bands which are more specific such as GLUTE ACTIVATION BANDS

or if you are a fairly advanced muscle builder you can get the modern day equivalent of CHEST EXPANDERS . Basically bands can be used by beginners right up to Pro Athletes. You can start with a basic set and add to your collection as you develop. As with everything though it is "HOW" you use the bands that makes the difference between getting or not getting results. So, if you want to get the best from your band workout book in for a

session now.

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