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Save Pounds Lose Pounds the best value diet plan

There are many “off the shelf” diets and diet plans

Lose Pounds & Save Pounds

and packages available but which one offers you the best value for money in terms of how much does it cost per pound lost? ITV did a one off show SAVE MONEY: LOSE WEIGHT and compared the Reboot With Joe Juice Diet, Jane Plan, Weight Watchers, Exante Diet, Slimming World and the Dopamine Diet for just 28 days. In fairness, as with all mainstream diets if you stick to them they all work, but in terms of the best value for the amount of weight lost the Exante Diet came out on top. Many people end up using Exante as either a lower cost alternative of the Cambridge diet or simply because it gives you a huge variety of options AND (most importantly) they taste good as well. Some diet plans are really complex and others are simply impractical to fit in with may peoples lifestyles. This is why people like products like Exante as it helps to take away a lot of the guess work. The Exante web site is one of the better diet web sites as it is packed with information and gives you a variety of options in order to help you to reach your weight loss goals. As with all diets we would recommend that you exercise (ideally SHAPE SHIFTING) but if you are looking for a simple to do diet that gives results then check out the Exante Diet – Lose Pounds/Save Pounds.

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