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What are the best exercises for Shoulder Training?

What are the best/most effective exercises to maximise your shoulder size? In the past much of this was guess work. Some people had their favourite exercises and a lot of the opinions were just that "opinions" there was little/no scientific evidence to back them up. Electromyography (EMG) is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG is performed by using an instrument called an electromyograph. The electrical activity is measured by placing electrodes over your entire body and recording the level of muscle activity induced by certain exercises. Higher numbers represent the largest activation of that muscle. So, choose the exercise with the maximum amount of activation if you want to maximize your growth. Of course we recommend that you use super strict form and push yourself TO THE MAX. This is after all Super High Intensity Training where the Strong Get Bigger and Stronger and the weak search for better filters on their phones to make their selfies look more impressive. With S.H.I.T you will look awesome "in the flesh" on not just in the digital photo!

Side Deltoids

Incline dumbbell side laterals – 66

Standing dumbbell side laterals – 63

Seated dumbbell side laterals – 62

The most effective shoulder exercises

Cable side laterals – 47

Front Deltoids

Seated front dumbbell press – 79

Standing front dumbbell raises – 73

Seated front barbell press – 61

Rear Deltoids

Standing dumbbell bent-over laterals – 85

Seated dumbbell bent-over laterals – 83

Standing cable bent-over laterals – 77

So to maximise your growth pick the exercises with the highest amount of muscle activation and take your gains to the next level and beyond! One product that will help to maximize your growth and recovery is 247Bodybuilder

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