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100 Squats a Day

100 Squats a Day



Get Fitter, Stronger & Leaner - without ever leaving your home. This simple FREE Micro Workout is designed to help you get in the best shape that you can be, without any special equipment or ever having to leave your house.


Squats as well as being great for shaping/toning/firming your leg muscles are also great for your overall health & fitness. By doing 100 Squats a Day you will get a "firmer butt" and burn excess calories which could also lead to a smaller waist etc! The benefits to squatting are simply huge!


Exercising in this way will help boost your immune system and get you (keep you) in awesome shape all in your own home. This program includes a wide variety of squats so if standard squats arent working for you then just check out one of the variations from a long list.


100 Squats a Day for 30 Days - that is 3,000 Squats in a Month! Imagine the positive changes to your body shape and general health that 3,000 Squats can make!


Ideal for Men/Women/Non-Gender Specific etc.


We wanted to make this FREE during the Corona Virus - but the software insists that we charge. SO ....Each purchase made will result in a donation of the full purchase price (20p!) to the AIR AMBULANCE. Charity

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