CLA 1500 Lean Body Maximizer

CLA 1500 Lean Body Maximizer


Maximum Strength - 1500mg SoftGels

Maximum Quality - Premium Grade Pro Series
Maximum Results - Maximum Benefits

Super Strength 1500mg Premium Grade CLA SoftGels in a Massive 90 x SofGel Pack! Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a hugely popular supplement amongst men and women looking to get in OR stay in shape! CLA is not an instant "WOW" supplement it needs to be taken consistently for at least 12 weeks in order to see many of the benefits. CLA is well researched supplement and works best when taken a part of a total supplementation program. Among the research most cited is a Norwegian study published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2000. It found that CLA reduced body fat and preserved muscle tissue in overweight or obese people who did not change their diet. According to the research project manager, individuals in the CLA group lost six more pounds of body fat, on average, compared to those in the placebo group. Another study in The Journal of Internal Medicine Research said that CLA reduced body fat in healthy exercising humans of normal body weight. Research in the International Journal of Obesity showed that CLA reduced abdominal fat in obese men, and Louisiana State University scientists showed up to an 88 percent reduction in the body fat of male mice who were fed CLA over a period of six weeks.


    Many CLA capsules sold are only 800mg or 1000mg - these are a full 1500mg - SUPER POTENT AND ENHANCED QUALITY! Each pack comes with 90 Pro Series Softgels. Take 1-2 softgels 3x a day with meals for maximum effect. 


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