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COMING SOON - the return of a Legend!


CRE8TINE was the premium creatine capsule used by leading bodybuilders, strength athletes and fitness and figure models in order to maximise their lean muscle gains. Unfortunately the ultra high grade creatine used in this product became unavailable. We have now found a new source and soon you will see the return of the amazing 8X MORE EFFECTIVE Cre8tine. If you are working out hard and looking to maximise your lean muscle gains and body fat loss then this is the nutraceutical for you.


Creatine is one of the most researched nutraceutical supplements in the world – why COZ IT WORKS. The question then becomes how do you make Creatine supplementation more effective? The answer is CRE8TINE. CRE8TINE uses the highest grade of pure Creatine in order to maximise its effectiveness juxtaposed with a series of high performance vitamins and minerals designed to enhance the effects that those looking to HIGH PERFORMANCE Creatine Supplementation desire.


Creatine is the most widely used muscle building/legal performance enhancing natural supplement, CRE8TINE simply takes it to the next level being up to 8X more effective than taking creatine alone. All over the world class athletes, rugby players, strength athletes and professional bodybuilders (men & women) rely on creatine to take their gains, legally, to the next level. If you would like to go to the next level, and beyond, in the shortest space of time then CRE8TINE MAXIMUM IMPACT CAPSULES are the best nutraceutical solution for you.


    All UK orders are shipped via First Class Royal Mail Post. International Orders go via Air Mail.


    180 x Maximum Impact Capsules per pack. Each Pro Series capsule contains - Creatine 500mg, Magnesium 62.5mg (16.7%), Zinc 5.2mg (52%), Vitamin B5 5mg (83.3%), Vitamin D3 8.33ug (167%), Vitamin B6 1.17mg (84%) (%NRV).