Fat Freeze Dynamic Diet Enhancer

Fat Freeze Dynamic Diet Enhancer



The first thing that you want to do when you are looking to lose weight is to “HIT THE FREEZE BUTTON” on PUTTING ON EXCESS WEIGHT in the first place. First comes the “Freeze-Frame” and then comes the “Re-Frame” of your body shape. Most people looking to lose excess pounds and inches are either dieting, exercising or both. FAT FREEZE™ helps with both:
Stop the Excess Pounds from accumulating
Turbo Charges the effects of your diet
Helps Control Appetite & Cravings
Increases the energy that you have to exercise while dieting!

Unlike Thermogenics (Fat Burners) FAT FREEZE ™ will not have you feeling hot/sweaty/jittery. Actually the key ingredients have been shown to not only enhance real weight loss but also to increase clarity and mental focus. For anyone on a Keto/Low Carb diet they will find that much of the mental “fog” goes.


FAT FREEZE ™ is not a “stand alone” weight loss product, it is a Dynamic Diet Enhancer designed and formulated using maximum impact ingredients to TURBO BOOST the effects of your diet.


If you are dieting or dieting and exercising and not getting the results that you are looking for then FAT FREEZE ™ is the product for you!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take FAT FREEZE™ alongside my diet?
    My customers are successfully taking this while on Keto, Paleo or Low Carb Diets. We have also heard from people on Calorie Controlled Diets where FAT FREEZE ™ has allowed them to lose stubborn pounds and inches.

    Can I take FAT FREEZE ™ alongside fat burners?
    Some people have reported remarkable results taking EPHALEAN in the morning and then 2 x 1 Fat Freeze ™ capsule later in the day.

    Is this suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians?

    Is this suitable for Men & Women?
    FAT FREEZE ™ works well with all genders – we would though recommend that you speak to a medical professional if you are on any hormonal based therapy.


    Take 1 capsule 3 x a day (Morning, Lunch, Evening Meal) with food and 500ml of water.

    90 Caps per pack. Each Capsule contains Pro Enhanced Quality Ginkgo Biloba Extract,Grape Seed Extract ,Green Tea Extract ,Beetroot Extract,Guarana Extract,L-Tyrosine, DL-Choline Bitartrate ,L-Taurine,Acetyl L-Carnitine ,L-Theanine ,L-Arginine ,Piper Nigrum. Do Not Exceed Dosage.

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