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Growth RegnR8R


Growth RegenR8R

180x Maximum Potency Capsules
Super Natural GH Turbo Charger
Ideal for people 35+
Maximum Impact Formulation

This Maximum Potency-Maximum Impact nutraceutical is designed and formulated for people looking to maximize results from their training.  This product works product is particularly suitable for people 35 and over.
Growth RegenR8R has been designed in such as way as to use an all natural nutraceutical based on a combination of the latest scientifically backed ingredients intermixed with some super potent Chinese herbal treatments that have been used for centuries, to produce a product that can replicate many of the above, legally, super naturally and without the huge cost associated with it.

GROWTH REGENR8R is therefore a high potency synergistic blend of an array of supplements who individually have been shown to be beneficial. Most of our users of this product note positive benefits after around 4-6 weeks of supplementation.


    Each pack contains 180x power packed capsules. Take 3 capsules in the morning with breakfast and another 3 with your evening meal. Each Pro Series capsule is a maximum impact synergistic blend of the highest grade of Fenugreek PE,Ginkgo Biloba , Korean Ginseng , Asparagus Root PE ,Watercress Herb PE , Maca Extract ,Broccoli Sprout PE,Garlic Extract allin,Oat Straw (Avena Sativa) ,Piper Nigrum.

    This product is ideal for people who are working out hard and looking to rapidly increase the gains that they get from their training.


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