IGF-247 Extreme Muscle Building for Adults 35+

IGF-247 Extreme Muscle Building for Adults 35+



IGF-247 is a Pro Enhanced Nutraceutical which has been designed and formulated for use by people looking to maximise their lean muscle gains. It is a product that can be used either stand alone or as a part of an advanced bodybuilding stack. Intense Growth Formulation 247 is, yet again, "The Appliance of Science to Muscle Building", IGF-247 take away a lot of the guesswork when it comes to supplementation as it uses a synergistic blend of research driven ingredients to ensure that you make maximum gains. This product is suitable for men and women aged 21+. Customer feedback suggests that it is particularly beneficial to people aged 35+. IGF-247 is very popular with Champion Bodybuilders, Rugby Players, Hardcore Gym Users. This product needs to be taken daily with people noticing the biggest changes after 8-10 weeks of supplementation. This is a super enhanced potency nutraceutical. his is a maximum potency - maximum gains product. In order to achieve the necessary potency many of the ingredients use ultra high quality concentrated extracts in order that the capsules are easy to swallow. For most people though it is results that matter and with sustained usage of IGF-247 you will find that the long term benefits speak for themselves. 90x Pro Series Super Enhanced Potency Capsules per Pack. **SPECIAL OFFER** BUY ONE GET ONE FREE = 2x 90= 180 Caps. ***WARNING*** this is an enhanced nutraceutical designed and formulated for maximum benefits. 


    Each IGF-247capsule contains a blend of Fenugreek PE,Ginkgo Biloba , Korean Ginseng , Asparagus Root PE ,Watercress Herb PE , Maca Extract ,Broccoli Sprout PE,Garlic Extract allin,Oat Straw (Avena Sativa) ,Piper Nigrum.

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