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Pure Cod Liver Oil Capsules - Maximum Impact

Pure Cod Liver Oil Capsules - Maximum Impact


Northumbrian Fish Oils 100% PURE COD LIVER OIL CAPSULES - CLO4K. Premium Quality, manufactured to the highest GMP production standards utilising only pure fresh raw Cod to ensure the best results.



  • Super Natural source of Omega 3, Vitamin A & Vitamin D3
  • Super High Potency 4,000mg Daily Dosage
  • Supports Healthy Bones, Joints, Vision, Muscles, Mood & Immune System
  • Super High Quality – 120x Maximum Impact Softgels per pack.
  • Super High Strength EPA & DHA supports Normal Blood Pressure, Brain and Heart Function
  • Super Maximum Impact 255iu Vitamin D3 Boosts Immunity, Enhances Muscles, Improves Mood, Enhanced Skin benefits


People have been recommending Cod Liver Oil for hundreds of years for a variety of issues ranging from Brain function to Heart and Bone Health. Unfortunately many of the oils out there are neither Pure Cod, nor do they have a strong enough daily dose in order for them to be effective. Northumbrian Fish Oils use the highest grade PURE COD liver oil in maximum impact softgels designed to be taken for a time released steady stream of active nutrients throughout the day for MAXIMUM BENEFITS.


The HIGHEST QUALITY, 100% PURE COD LIVER OIL -its is an old fashioned remedy for many things - but taken using the right quality, in the correct amount (dosage) it has been tremendously successful for millions of people for thousands of years - Why? Coz It Works!


Each pack contains 120 x 1,000mg PURE COD Liver Oil capusles designed to be taken 1 capsule 4x a day - Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening - to provide a steady stream of SUPER NATURAL nutrients to your body giving a Massive 4,000mg of Cod Liver Oil Daily.


The Difference is in the Quality of the Raw Fish Oil

  • Who Should Take CLO4K?

    Cod Liver Oil is one of the "SUPER" supplements that have so many benefits for so many different issues. It is a supplement best taken for an extended period of time for MAXIMUM EFFECT. It is suitable for most people (see below) and with CLO4K is designed to be taken at various times throughout the day to ensure 24/7 coverage. Cod Liver Oil is taken by people from all walks of life ranging from Professional Athletes to Old Aged Pensioners with each taking this supplement to match their own needs/requirements from Bone & Brain Health to Sporting Performance and Body Reshaping.

  • Who Should Not Use CLO4K?

    Do not take if you have a specific allergy to fish. As such, along with its Gelatin Shell it is not suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Do not take cod liver oil or other fish oils with anticoagulants (such as warfarin), aspirin, dipyridamole (a vasodilator), Cod liver oil or other fish liver oil supplements should also not be taken by women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy,

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