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SHAPE SHIFTING 28 day program

SHAPE SHIFTING 28 day program


28 days to change your life!


What size/shape would you like to be? Imaging if you could lose excess weight or add raw lean muscle Or both in only 28 days!


This is a comprehensive personalised diet and exercise program designed - specifically for you! It is targeted to you, your lifestyle and your goals. If your goal is to lose weight then you will be given an unique diet that will allow you to get to your ideal weight faster than you thought possible. If your goal is to add lean muscle your diet will be tailored to maxise lean muscle gains.


This package comes with :

28 day customised diet
28 day cutomised exercise program

28 day full spectrum supplement program


Be the person you would like to be - imagine how good you could look in only 4 weeks if you had an expert guiding you?


    Depending on your goals you will receive 2 or 3 high performance nutraceutical supplements in order to reach your goals faster. A customised diet will be sent once you have filled in a form which will be emailed out to you alongside a weekly exercise program designed to get you into the best shape that you can be. If you want to go beyond the initial 28 days you will get a discount for subsequent months.


    The supplements will be shipped out in the UK via Royal Mail First Class Post or Air Mail if International. The diet and exercise programs will be sent via email.

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