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Ultimate Fish Oil UFO-4K

Ultimate Fish Oil UFO-4K


The Ultimate Fish Oil - UFO-4K - Ultra High Quality Maximimum Absorption Pure Fish Oil Super Natural Omega 3 capsules.


Many people do their research into Fish Oils/Omega 3 and discover that the science proves HUGELY BENEFICIAL but then they are disappointed by the results that they get. There are several reasons for this - leading to why you should buy UFO-4K:

QUALITY – Some vendors use farmed fish and mix in various types of fish. UFO-4K uses WILD CAUGHT single source with no contaminants or added antibiotics
STRENGTH – UFO-4k is a 4,000mg Daily Dose Supplement. According to the science, especially for things such as blood pressure, they recommend a minimum 3,000mg a day which is why a “One A Day” 250mg or 500mg capsule has no effect.
POTENCY – in order to be effective you need the correct MAXIMUM IMPACT ratio of EPA: DHA which is 50:25, which is what you find in Ultimate Fish Oil 4K.
PURITY - UFO-4K contains the Highest Quality Fish Oil with NO ADDITIVES
DOSAGE – according to the research OMEGA 3 is far more effective when taken in several smaller doses rather than one large single dose. Hence the 1 capsule 4 times a day directions. Additionally 1 x 4000mg capsule would be simply too big to swallow.


Ultimate Fish Oil UFO-4K is an amazing, pure, natural, contaminant free  source of Omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, in maximum potency/maximum impact benefits daily servings. Based on research this 100% super natural product is designed to be taken at intervals during the day to increase the benefits and decrease anything such as acid reflux.

* MAXIMUM IMPACT - 4,000mg Daily Dose (4 x 1,000mg)
* HIGHEST QUALITY - wild caught no contaminants
* GREATEST BENEFITS - 50/25 Omega 3 Profile

These incredible super natural softgel capsules support overall health. Omega-3s help to reduce inflammation and support brain, eye, joints, muscle, blood vessel and heart health. Currently there is a lot of positive research concerning Omega 3 fatty acids and the menopause.  Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients, meaning they can’t be produced by the body, and therefore need to come from the diet in the form of food or supplements.
These capsules contain 100% fish oil – no fillers – using the highest quality of fish to ensure that you get the greatest possible benefits.


People take Omega 3 Fish Oil for a variety of reasons and there is a whole host of scientific research to back it up but only if you take the correct amount of the right quality, in the correct ratio at the right time!


Many people follow the science and take this to support their blood pressure, heart health, brain and cognitive functioning. Others swear by its affectiveness for their joints especially people as they get older who also notice that it helps to support lean muscle mass as well. Others understand the benefits of eating oily fish but dont actually like fish! So taking these easy swallow no after burp/reflux softgels to help with the quality of their skin or perhaps for a variety of other reasons is a great way to get the benefits without eating fish.


Each reselable pack is one full months supply with 120 x PRO SERIES Enhanced Quality "Easy Swallow" softgels. Daily Serving - 1 Softgel capsule taken 4x a day. Daily 4 capsule serving provides:Pure Fish Oil 4,000mg.Daily Serving (4 capsules) contains: Omega 3 - 3000mg comprising of EPA 2000mg , DHA 1000mg of Pure Fish Oil, Capsule Shell (Gelatine), Gelling Agent (Glycerol), Purified Water.

Allergen - FISH

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