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Women's Fish Oil Easy Swallow Capsules

Women's Fish Oil Easy Swallow Capsules



The best OMEGA 3 Capsules for women - MAXIMUM BENEFITS

QUALITY – Some vendors use farmed fish and mix in various types of fish. WFO-EZS uses WILD CAUGHT single source with no contaminants or added antibiotics
STRENGTH – WFO-EZS is a 3,000mg Daily Dose Supplement. According to the science, especially for things such as blood pressure, they recommend a minimum 3,000mg a day which is why a “One A Day” 250mg or 500mg capsule has little/no effect.
POTENCY – WFO-EZS is a potent combination of EPA: DHA: Vitamin E.
PURITY – WFO-EZS contains the Highest Quality Fish Oil with NO ADDITIVES
DOSAGE – according to the research OMEGA 3 is far more effective when taken in several smaller doses rather than one large single dose. Hence the 2 small easy swallow capsules 3 times a day directions rather than 1 x 3000mg capsule which would be simply too big to swallow.

These Maximum Impact Omega3 + Vitamin E Pure Wild Caught Fish Oil Capsules for Women – Easy Swallow are super natural support your overall health and well being. Omega-3s help to reduce inflammation and support brain, eye, joints, muscle, blood vessel and heart health. Currently there is a lot of positive research concerning Omega 3 specifically for women. Positive results from research have been shown in relation to issues like the menopause, especially in relation to a reduction in hot flashes. Additionally Fish Oils have been shown to have a positive impact on Osteoporosis together with improved mood and memory. Omega 3 also helps with heart health and is of greater importance for those taking HRT. Omega 3’s have also been reported as the missing link when people are struggling with issues of weight loss. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients, meaning they can’t be produced by the body, and therefore need to come from the diet in the form of food or supplements.
WFO-EZS also contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a potent anti oxidant (meaning that it is good for your skin and hair), anti inflammatory and helps to protect your immune system. Many users take it to assist with issues of aging due to its positive effects on your skin.


The best quality Pure Fish Oil Omega 3 capsules for women in easy swallow softgels – 180 Premium Quality Sofgels per pack (1 months supply).

Store below 25°c keep out of reach of children.

  • Directions

    Take 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast and another 2 with lunch and a further 2 in the evening with your main meal.

  • Ingredients

    6 Capsules per Day Provides:

    Pure Fish Oil 3000mg containing
    Omega 3 900mg (540mg EPA 360mg DHA)
    Vitamin E 48mg (400% NRV)

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