Super Natural Inch Loss 3DX

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Lose Excess Inches - Super Fast

240 Caps for the Price of 120!!!

Because you don't a great big sign on your forehead telling people how heavy you are, for the most part, the most important thing is INCHES (cms) rather than POUNDS (Kgs). Inches are visible – you don't need a machine to tell you that you are carrying too many inches. You can see them on your legs, on your stomach, on your bum/back/hips/arms AND on your face! Most products in this arena concentrate on the SCALES whereas INCH LOSS 3DX concentrates on making you firstly look better/healthier/leaner/sexier/fitter which naturally leads to weight loss – rather than the other way around!

Lose Inches from Problem Areas
See & Feel your Skin tighten as you look younger/fitter
Feel energised/healthier

There is also a side effect to losing inches – losing excess weight!

This is the HIGHEST STRENGTH Super Natural Formulation. It uses the HIGHEST QUALITY Pro Series ingredients. This Nutraceutical blend has a synergistic effect on your body aesthetics meaning that it truly is, if used correctly an EXTREME SHAPE SHIFTER.

Each re-sealable pack contains 120 MAXIMUM POTENCY – MAXIMUM IMPACT capsules. SPECIAL OFFER BUY ONE GET ONE FREE = 240 CAPS!!! Each capsule is a multi-directional 3D Inch Stripping Mega Mix of Green Coffee Bean 1000mg (40:1 fruit extract 50% Chlorogenic Acid), Raspberry Fruit 500mg (10:1 fruit extract), Kelp 350mg (35:1 Algae extract 1% Iodine) 100ug (66.7% NRV), African Mango 250mg (10:1 fruit extract), Konjac Fibre Powder 100mg (Amorphophallus konjac Root 95% Glucomannan), Capsicum 100mg (8:1 fruit extract),Caffeine 88.34mg, Acetyl-L-Carnitine 50mg, L-Tyrosine 50mg,  Chromium 66.7ug (166.7% NRV). Amounts in brackets show concentrate amounts – because of this INCH LOSS 3DX requires a large amount of water to be consumed with each dose in order for the product to be fully effective. How much? See reverse of pack for details,